3 Great Fencing Ideas to Boost Your Property’s Appearance

It’s time to get a little more creative with your property. Being a homeowner is a lot of fun, but far too many Americans get too caught up in interior design, they end up neglecting their backyards. Keeping your home looking nice inside is important, sure. But your outdoor landscape can really transform your entire property with a little care and creativity.

There are plenty of things you can do to boost your backyard’s appearance: you can have some water features installed, build a nice patio, and simply spend a little more time when it comes to landscape maintenance and cleaning. But a great and underrated way to improve your backyard appearance is to get creative with your fencing.

The U.S. Fencing market is projected to reach $11.5 billion by 2024. Fencing obviously offers plenty of privacy and security advantages, but if installed correctly, properly maintained, and creatively designed, fencing can also provide significant aesthetic benefits.

Here are some great fence-related ideas that are great for achieving a nice-looking private oasis in your backyard:

  • Horizontal plank fencing — Though it might look a little strange on some properties if the entire fence is horizontal planks, a corner or backdrop behind a nice garden or nice-looking tree can turn out amazing. It’s a simple and clean style and enables you to go as high as you want with your vertical garden wall.
  • Pergola fencing — Another great-looking style is a pergola fence, which provides plenty of privacy and can look amazing. These widely spaced posts can boule as a trellis for climbing vines like roses and beans, too. That size of landscaping and fencing can even reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50% by shading the home. So it doesn’t just look good, it can save money!
  • Picket fence — This might not sound like a real original or creative fencing approach, but it’s such a classic style — it needs to be included. Whether your home and property have more of a modern or conventional aesthetic, a classic picket fence can certainly improve your lawn’s look.

No matter what style of fencing you decide on, as long as you’re getting a little creative with your designs, your backyard will likely end up looking fantastic! Just have fun and get to work!

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