Are Robots Going to Take Your Child’s Job?

In the United States, the screw, nut, and bolt industry employs 131,949 people. Along with said industry, there are so many other career areas in which Americans currently find themselves involved. But, what about the employees of the future? What about our kids? Will they be able to find themselves immersed in major career industries, or will they have to give their potential jobs up to AI?

A lot of children have dreams of what they want to be when they get older. Some want to be teachers, while others want to be astronauts. All they can think about is how they’re going to be able to do whatever they want with their career as an adult. Unfortunately, they don’t stop to consider the growing use of artificial intelligence in a number of fields.

According to the New York Times, robots have the skills and capabilities to do things that humans can do on a regular basis in the workplace. With that being said, it’s obviously a major threat to the future of our children.

For example, say your child really wants to get into radiology. They make a lot of money and can grow a lot within that field. However, robots are getting better at reading scans. New programs are popping up all the time, proving that they can do the same job as humans, only faster and just as accurately.

Your child may also want to be a surgeon. However, that career endeavor may also be off the table, as robots are breaking into the medical field. More and more hospitals and doctors offices are using robots to perform or assist in simple procedures or surgeries. While this is a scary reality our children will soon face, there are plenty of jobs out there that robots simply can’t touch.

Martin Ford, the author of “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future,” spoke with the New York Times about the changes. He says that robots will most likely take over jobs that have repetitive tasks.

“A lot of knowledge-based jobs are really routine — sitting in front of a computer and cranking out the same application over and over, whether it is a report or some kind of quantitative analysis,” Ford said.

So, for those children looking to do jobs that involve a lot of creativity or positions that require them to use their hands, they should be in the clear for a little while longer.

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