Digital Marketing Tactics That Are Trending In 2019

seoTechnology and digital marketing are in a constant state of revolution. It’s challenging for small business owners to not only manage their business but also keep up with their digital presence. This is where digital marketing agencies come into the picture. They are a great resource for businesses who don’t have the time to manage their digital marketing. We’ve reached out to the top digital marketing experts to ask them what tactics are trending in 2019 such as SMS Marketing.

User Experience

“It’s easy to say that User Experience is the next big thing, its been that way for years. The more tactical way to think about it is recognizing that technology has enabled EVERYONE certain efficiencies when it comes to optimizing quantitative factors,” says Brett Snyder of Knucklepuck Media.

“The organizations that will be successful in this next generation of the Web understand the intangibles of qualitative factors like tone, authority, natural language processing that are much more difficult to engineer. As advanced as we are, nothing replaces the human mind…yet.”

Focus On High-Quality Content

“Today, SEO is becoming more popular than ever before and your competitors within your niche are most likely implementing strategies on a very consistent basis. SEO’s main pillar you’ll want to focus on is content production. Without content, there’s really nothing to index from a search engine’s perspective,” says Christopher Grozdon of Dash-SEO. “Focusing on producing high-quality content, backed by strong keyword research will certainly help you answer your customers’ inquiries. Whether you’re a local electrician attempting to build up your leads, or an international law firm hoping to generate greater awareness for a large number of niche-specific search queries; it all comes down to solving the problems your potential customers/clients are experiencing. Crafting content to successfully solve said problems on an initial, introductory-style basis will certainly help you stand out from the crowd and subsequently rank higher over time when people recognize you as a true, authoritative resource within your profession. All in all, solve the problems of your customers from an SEO standpoint, and you’ll always be able to ride the waves of search engine algorithm adjustments.”

Stick To Fundamentals

“We have found that sticking to the fundamentals is the most effective strategy for making strides in your SEO. Proper HTML markup, keyword friendly URLs, and valuable keyword-rich content will always (that is until the algorithms change again) be the key to any SEO strategy,” says David Nordyke of Simply Design Group.

“The real secret is that there is no secret. Optimization, by nature, is an ongoing never-ending process. It takes hard work, patience, and attention to detail. Combine solid fundamentals with the right approach and SEO success will happen.”

Social Media

“Word-of-Mouth isn’t spoken anymore, its Tweeted, Pinned, Posted, and Shared,” mentions Laura Donovan of TWP Marketing. “If you want your business to be talked about, you will need to incorporate relevant digital media strategies into your marketing mix in 2020. You can’t ignore Social Media and online efforts any longer!”

Relevance Of Backlinks

“Were seeing the topical relevancy of the links we build having a stronger impact,” describes Chris Sloane of Heaviside Group. “We’ve traditionally considered authority and traffic metrics to be the key factors when assessing a placement, but our internal testing is showing the “environment” of the link matters more and more, and not just the “strength.” This tracks well with how effective we observe topical clusters to be at driving organic growth.”


“AI will continue to innovate and improve, helping businesses to increase productivity, deliver more effective marketing campaigns, and better understand their audience,” echoes Lee Jackson of Web Presence. “It holds exceptional future opportunities to allow marketers to predict marketing forecasts more accurately, analyze data for improved insights, identify marketing trends and deliver a more customized customer experience. ROI on digital marketing spend will only get better!”

Create A Great User Experience

“The best strategy for SEO in 2019 is to provide excellent user experience,” says Rose Fields of Nerd Free Marketing. “Your website should load fast and be well-organized so your reader can get the information they need quickly and without hassle. An excellent user experience brings visitors back and tells Google your website is a valuable resource.”

Keep Content Fresh

“Whether you use one or all of the V3 (Visuals, Video, Voice), mobile-friendly & targeted Micro-moments, or the tried and true Content Marketing, always keep it “fresh”, and do A/B testing to determine what’s working best for your target market,” says Jenna O’Neil of Integris Web Services.

Branding Support

“Were seeing more and more of our clients invest in on-going branding support,” mentions Shelly Jackson Buffington of The Look & The Feel Branding.  “Once they build a brand look and feel, they don’t want to stop there—they seek more help to ensure that their brand is consistently and strategically shared across other platforms. This results in long-term support for both digital and print marketing, but most specifically translate to content marketing.”

Be Found On Google

“Businesses no longer need to occupy prime real estate on the busiest intersection in town with the most visibility. As long as people can find you on Google, that’s what matters most,” echoes Robby Sorensen

User Intent

“One of the most effective SEO strategies that I’ve incorporated into my business and the businesses of clients this year is understanding what our customer is looking for when he or she is searching for information,” echoes Whitney Fields. “For example, if a clients product is featured on a specific television show, the keywords – such as the name of actor/actress engaging with the product, the television show title and network, the product name, and description – or images are included in the content, along with a link to the product, and title of the blog post.”

Fresh Content

“We have noticed that continual and consistent blogging has been sending more traffic to our client’s websites,” says Avery Nubson of Nufire Marketing. “A variety of the type of articles can keep people checking the blog and visiting their sites more often. Integrating social media with online and offline content can bring in local traffic and help you stand out from competitors that don’t do this. Blog posting services are a must for all of my clients”

Target Featured Snippets

“Targeting featured snippets is like being a real estate agent finding beautiful eye-popping homes,” says Jered Baldwin of i7 Marketing. “If you win featured snippets, you’re taking up prime digital real estate. Featured snippets help increase brand awareness, authority, CTR, and keyword rankings. What’s not to love about winning featured snippets?”

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