From Alcohol to Politics, the Ice Cream Industry Is Expanding

There is nothing better than ice cream on a scorching hot day. Soft serve ice cream has been popular since the 1970s, despite initially posing hygienic risks, as many people became ill after eating ice cream because it was made using raw eggs. Thankfully, ice cream nowadays doesn’t contain raw eggs — but it certainly has the ability to contain all sorts of exciting and eccentric new flavors.

For instance, another popular product, perhaps even more popular amongst American adults, is alcohol; which is now being offered in tandem with frozen desserts.

According to The Takeout, Baileys Irish Cream is selling a new ice cream that will require customers to show a valid over-21 I.D.

Baileys Caramel Sensations are small little ice cream bars that have an alcohol by volume (ABV) of as much as 13%, which is comparable to a wine like the 100% Carignan “Pleasant Peasant,” which is made from vines planted in 1900.¬†As of February 2017, 5% of people say they drink wine every day in the United States.

The ice cream industry isn’t stopping at alcoholic chocolate bars, however, and is even asking American voters to invent new names and flavors.

According to Politico, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream recently partnered with to announce a contest, which will raise awareness for various political candidates.

The effort, which is called Ben and Jerry Take Back Congress, Flavor by Flavor, encourages voters to invent ice cream names and flavors inspired by seven Democratic candidates. Afterwards, Ben and Jerry’s will create a limited batch of each flavor of ice cream and raffle off pints of it to supporters.

The two ice cream experts selected the slate of candidates by focusing on up-and-comers and long-shot candidates who might not have been given a fair chance.

“This is our way of honoring some of the best up-and-coming progressive champions across the country,” said Jerry Greenfield.

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