GE Awarded Company of the Year Award by Frost & Sullivan

GE Inspection Technologies has been named the 2016 Global Frost and Sullivan Company of the Year. The award was given to the company based on the its recent analysis of the industrial computed tomography (CT) systems market.Medical team operating computers in CT scan lab

PR Newswire reports that GE found success from its v|tome|x c HS industrial CT scanner and speed|scan CT 64, which have proven invaluable for rapid and high-accuracy scanning in industrial production process optimization and quality control.

Considering that the CT scanning process gives customers the opportunity to reduce costs associated with inspection and failure analysis by up to 75%, GE’s contribution is a great improvement to the industry. The company also developed the quick|pick module for automated blade batch examinations to generate CT scans of 25 blades within two hours, without operator intervention.

GE not only enhanced its speed|scan helix CT system, but it also introduced its phoenix v|tome|x c 450 HS industrial CT scanner in 2015.

“GE’s novel inspection solutions offer a simplified and automated workflow and faster scanning to monitor the output of many production lines. For instance, it is highly effective in automotive casting or for 100% inspection of extremely complex or safety-intensive parts such as turbine blades or additive manufactured parts in the aerospace industry,” said Frost and Sullivan industry analyst Mariano Kimbara.

Frost and Sullivan presents the Company of the Year Award each year to one company which has proven success in providing a strong growth strategy and putting it into motion. Recipients have made innovative contributions to products and technologies and efficiently respond to market demands.

Krishna Srinivasan, Global President and Managing Partner of Frost and Sullivan said. “We are thrilled to recognize GE Inspection Technologies for its visionary leadership in the industrial CT systems market, exemplified by its focus on driving business performance by innovating for the future.”

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