How Tado’s New Smart Thermostat Could Slash Your Energy Bills

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There are few things we Americans love more than air conditioning. Air conditioners provide an essential respite from the sweltering heat of summer, helping us stay cool and comfortable no matter what it’s like outside.

And with 90% of new homes in the U.S. coming equipped with air conditioning, it’s a near guarantee that you’ll have an air conditioner in your living space. But what if there was a way to make your air conditioning system do even more for you?

That may finally be possible with the help of Tado’s Smart Thermostat, which will soon be arriving in the U.S. market after gaining popularity in Europe.

According to the Tech Times, this Smart Thermostat allows homeowners to control their home’s temperature right from an app on their smartphones, making air conditioning more convenient than ever before. Users can also schedule coolings and turn the air conditioning unit on and off from a smartphone.

The benefits of such a device are many. By scheduling coolings and only cooling or heating rooms that see a lot of traffic, homeowners can save hundreds of dollars per year on their household energy bills. Air conditioning in particular is a notorious energy leech, and many people try to cut the costs of cooling their homes as a result.

Of course, German tech company Tado isn’t the first to introduce a smart thermostat. Its main competitor is Nest, which recently updated its smart thermostat with a higher display resolution and a thinner profile, reported. Nest’s system also has a feature called “Furnace Heads-Up,” which alerts the homeowner to potential furnace problems.

The strengths of Tado’s smart thermostat lie in its sleek, unassuming appearance, which resembles an Apple TV in its design. Its embedded lights display the temperature in an innovative new way, as well.

The Tado smart thermostat system will be available at retailers like Bestbuy, Amazon and Home Depot, the Tech Times reported.

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