Kareo Releases New Medical Billing System

Medical billing services provider Kareo has just announced a new cloud-based billing system for its clients.

Business Wire reports that the company, based in Irvine, California, developed a new system, designed to be more accessible to doctor’s offices and patients alike. Practices with Kareo software can now access their billing information on web and mobile applications. Office staff members also have secure, instant lines of communication to Kareo’s support team.

“Getting paid quickly with the least amount of effort is an essential requirement for medical practices today, but achieving this goal has been out of reach for many practices,” said Dan Rodrigues, the founder and CEO of Kareo. “Given this reality, we’re proud to release our next generation solution designed to help practices optimize their revenue performance, while providing 24/7 visibility into all aspects of the practice — from scheduling to insurance verification.”

The new software enables doctors and staff members to view billing information such as open claims and insurance waivers on their computers and mobile phones using interactive, easy-to-use programs. They can also contact insurance companies and review office performance on these devices.

Kareo software can let staff members know when a claim has been processed and when the office will receive payment for services. The staff can look up a patient’s billing and medical history as well.

Practices aren’t the only groups that benefit from the software. Healthcare providers can also use the software to review claims. They have access to the financial history of practices to help them make decisions on claims.

Kareo designed the new software with the upcoming transition to ICD-10, a new medical classification system that is set to be fully implemented by October 1st.

Kareo and other medical billing services providers offer electronic methods of payment and collection and are increasingly mindful of web and mobile apps. One 2012 study showed, for example, that 70% of all medical providers receive some kind of electronic payment for their services.

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