Own a Business? Here’s How to Boost Profits by Reducing Waste

Active Recycling ConceptMost business people and regular people agree that cutting costs is an important way to save money. However, whenever confronted with the task of making a workplace more eco-friendly, many managers balk, thinking that environmental stewardship is a costly endeavor.

However, any business can be kinder to the environment and to its own budget by taking simple steps to reduce overall business waste. Taking charge of an offices’ processes is a great way to protect the environment, and it doesn’t have to hurt company profits.

Here are just a few simple ways any large or small business can reduce waste:

Go Digital

In the modern work space, more and more can be done without ever hitting the print button. Whenever possible, try to accomplish company work by utilizing computers and internet space. Online work processes boost productivity and efficiency, and save your company the expenses of buying printing paper. Paperless offices can save 30% over a ten year period, according to Greenbiz.com. Since theĀ United States Census Bureau reports that the average American spends 26 minutes getting to work, you can even establish work-from-home opportunities where appropriate, which reduces the need for employees to waste fuel on their commute, and which also reduces your electricity and other utility costs by having fewer people in the office every day.

Create a Sustainable Lunch Culture

Another big way companies increase waste and lose money is through employee eating habits. Is your company constantly supplying workers with disposable plates, flatware, and napkins? Does your office kitchen have an overflowing trash? Try switching to more sustainable methods. Have a stash of reusable plates and coffee mugs, and a place for employees to wash and dry them after eating. Instead of buying cases of plastic water bottles, try encouraging reusable water bottles. You can even give out water bottles with the company logo to encourage more sustainable lunch habits!

Audit Workflow

Businesses that don’t work efficiently waste time, money, and materials. And yet, inefficiencies and production mistakes are often preventable–human error causes up to 90% of expensive and wasteful workplace accidents. To reduce costly mistakes, have an inspection of your workplace’s production process. Are there checks or systems you can adjust to help limit errors? Are there ways you can make your employee’s jobs easier and safer? Often, improving workflow has the added benefit of eliminating waste and cutting company costs.

Renovate Your Workplace

Buildings that are poorly insulated and inefficiently lit are expensive to maintain and use. In fact, if the energy efficiency of commercial buildings was improved by 10%, approximately $40 billion overall could be saved. Energy professionals can recommend ways to improve your business’s energy use, like installing new windows or better appliances. Though renovations are expensive up front, your business could save significant sums in utility costs within a few short years.

Eco-friendly efforts don’t have to be expensive. Use these tips to reduce your business costs while also making your establishment a community leader in sustainability. Remember to work as a team and educate staff for a sustainable and profitable company.

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