The Cost of a Wedding Can Range From Fair to Ridiculous

It’s almost wedding season, and that means pockets are emptying and stress is building for many American couples.

According to ATTN:, the average wedding now costs more than $30,000; in 2012, receptions alone averaged out to $13,106 in cost, and now that number is only going up.

Today, if couples really want to splurge, there certainly are various “ridiculous” wedding expenses they might incur.

Jen Glantz, a writer and bridesmaid-for-hire, told CNBC that she noticed a “lack of a person who is designated for the bride and her personal needs.” Gantz thought she could lend some assistance to brides and bridesmaids, but the costs can run as high as $2,000.

Another, perhaps more over the top, wedding expense can end up costing you $3,000 for a single photograph. Marie Valencis spent that much on a “engagement hand selfie,” by having a professional photo taken as well as extensive cosmetic procedures to achieve a “plump and youthful” looking hand.

Not everyone, of course, needs to go to such excessive lengths for a wedding. Traditional wedding planning still has many benefits.

Stephanie Somodi, a graphic designer for weddings, designs wedding invitations for 60 to 70 weddings per year.

“The invitation is an investment,” Somodi told The Sand Paper. Somodi believes that even though many printed materials are fading out, paper wedding invitations will “never fall out of fashion.”

Additionally, these traditional wedding aspects don’t have to be too expensive.

The Daily Republic reports that doing things like limiting guest lists to just family and close friends, having a limited cash bar, requesting in-season flowers, and preparing simple gift bags can help cut down wedding costs, exponentially.

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