The New Team Building Activity Sweeping The Nation

Across the country, escape rooms are becoming a popular choice for companies looking to foster teamwork and cooperation within their companies. This unique form of entertainment has been on the rise as companies look for additional team-building activities to strengthen their company cultures.

The Importance Of Team-Building

There are a variety of factors that have been pushing businesses to improve their overall company culture through team-building activities like escape rooms. Improved company culture and teamwork within companies is generally associated with higher levels of productivity and increased company loyalty. This can improve overall efficiency and reduce employee turnover rates.

Additionally, companies with a stronger company culture tend to have more successful, happy employees. According to a 2016 report from Forbes, businesses are losing $62 billion per year due to bad customer service; improving the general atmosphere within the workplace can create more satisfied employees, helping to reduce the amount of potential profit lost due to bad behavior.

The Rise Of Escape Rooms

Escape rooms create a unique environment that is perfect for fostering team building and community growth between coworkers. These unusual entertainment facilities have been rising in popularity overall since their arrival in the United States. According to the New York Times, the number of escape rooms grew from 22 in 2014 to 2,000 in 2018, a number that’s likely to continue climbing into the new year. Escape rooms continue to grow in popularity outside of their applications for corporate groups as well; escape rooms are frequently used as a fun weekend activity for friends, families, and more.

Employers have been making use of escape rooms to help build cooperation and teamwork within their companies, as escape rooms provide a low-stakes environment for employees and other participants to work together to solve a problem. Because there is no real consequence for failure aside from failing to escape the room, participants are allowed to challenge themselves and their peers with puzzles in ways that they otherwise would likely be unable to. Additionally, escape rooms allow participants to demonstrate their own personal strengths in problem-solving situations; each employee involved can contribute in unique ways, allowing them to practice their favored skill set before using it in a work situation and allowing their other employees to see what everyone is capable of.

As escape rooms continue to pop up across the country, it is likely that more corporate groups and workplaces will use them as a means of promoting cooperation and teamwork within the company. Expect to see more corporate groups making use of this unique form of entertainment in the near future.

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