10 Projects to Finance With a Landscaping Loan

landscaping loan

You recently woke up and noticed your grass is overgrown and brownish. Perhaps you might have recently encountered some pests, and neighbors suggestively urge you to do something about your yard. Despite goodwill, you don’t have money to channel towards your garden spruce up.

The good news is that you can get a landscaping loan to undertake various transformational projects. Keep reading for an in-depth understanding of ten projects to finance with a landscaping loan. Let’s start!

1. Complete Landscaping Transformations

Eye-popping landscape outdoor space will give your home a heavenly curb appeal, making it a perfect escape. It’s a fact that the pricing of landscaping projects varies. Larger and more complex projects are more costly. As a result, you may be discouraged from doing a complete landscaping project. However, did you know you can apply for a full makeover landscaping loan?

With enough money, you can incorporate a patio and decks to create an outdoor entertainment space or a soothing soundscape with water features. You can even create a fire pit for warming evenings. There is no limit on what you can do, including incorporating natural stones to create a rustic touch or shaded zones with pergolas.

A total yard makeover is a huge investment and may be costly. For this reason, you must involve landscapers to get a well-done job and prevent losses. While small landscaping projects are fun and straightforward as DIY tasks, it’s best to leave the heavy tasks to the professionals. Experts have the resources and the experience to tackle any project to perfection.

In addition, budgeting and planning for a complete landscaping transformation can be daunting. You may end up overspending, quickly depleting your funds before completing the project. However, working with a professional ensures the project stays within the budget. Also, they’ll give you guidance on how to save money during renovations and, at the same time, get your desired landscaping results.

2. General Weed Control

If you’re serious about maintaining your yards’s aesthetics, you must never overlook the importance of general weed control. Weeds are ugly and can be a breeding ground for rodents and harmful bugs, especially if they overgrow at the base of your home’s foundation or near existing concrete cracks. As a result, these unwelcome intruders can quickly gain access to your house. The bad news is that some of these bugs and rodents harbor deadly diseases, and the only way to eradicate them is by taking necessary weed control measures.

Additionally, overgrown weeds can also cause allergies, bronchitis, asthma, and medical conditions. Remember, weeds are overly invasive and can quickly reproduce and cover your entire yard within a short time. You can DIY weeding control measures such as removing weeds by pulling them out with a hand or using a shovel. However, physically removing the weeds is exhausting and time-consuming.

On the other hand, more effective control measures, such as tillage, mowing, and plowing, will require an expert hand. For this reason, it’s wise to contact a weed control company to help you with weed control, whether mechanical or chemical. General weed control is worth a landscaping loan if you lack sufficient funds for the project.

landscaping loan

3. Long-Term Pest Control Solutions

An eco-friendly pest control is requisite to guarantee a safe and healthy environment for your family. Part of your landscaping should involve making your property pest-free. You might need expert solutions, whether using a biological microbial agent from a mosquito control company or trapping rats. Don’t worry about the prices. You can easily take a landscaping loan to hire pest control experts.

A well-natured and nutrient-packed soil makes your plants healthy and attracts beneficial insects instead of harmful bugs. A professional can assist you in starting a composting program in your home. You’ll learn to turn scraps and leftover food into fertilizer to boost your soil. It’s an intelligent way to eco-friendly food recycling.

Did you know some plants keep harmful bugs away? Ideal landscapers will integrate plants like rosemary, mint, lavender, and basil, which are effective bug repellants. Also, they are perfect additions that boost your landscape appeal. You can also go for flowering plants such as marigolds, petunias, lemon grass, and clover, which make perfect substitutes.

4. Advanced Landscape Design Services

Probably, you’re worried hiring landscape designers will cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, financial institutions have tailored landscaping loan products to help you fund advanced landscape design services. The benefits will drastically add tremendous value to your property. An earlier Survey by Virginia Cooperative Extension shows landscape design sophistication increases property value by 42%.

Advanced landscaping design gives your property a refreshing look. It goes beyond the typical grass and plants to maximize the use of your yard and create a picturesque scenery. High-end landscaping design will allow you to stretch your creativity in creating a beautiful retreat space for you and your family to connect with nature, especially on holidays or weekends. Consider incorporating natural stones, water features, ornamental grasses, and a cozy corner with a fire pit. All this is possible with financial support.

A landscaping loan comes with affordable rates, typically 6-36%, according to Nerd Wallet. You can easily define entertainment areas by setting designated areas for dining, cooking, or just chilling spaces. Spending time with your loved ones unwinding in the gorgeous backdrop is worth the investment.

5. Curb Appeal Improvements

Landscaping will significantly improve the curb appeal of your property, which in turn boosts the value. Small trees, shrubs, and flowers around your home give onlookers a great impression of your home. However, the trick is to keep anything green in your yard healthy. The easiest way is to apply mulch on the soil’s surface to improve fertility, reduce weed growth, and enhance your yard’s visual appeal. You don’t have to worry about sourcing mulch; local companies are willing to do mulch delivery at your convenience.

Another great way to enhance your curb appeal is to let the color do the talking. You can take a simplistic approach by forgoing excess décor and allowing the colors in plants, shutters, and trim to highlight your house. Allowing your color choices to marry your home’s style is prudent. For instance, a patriotic red on window shutters will be perfect for a rustic-themed home. Also, shades of blue marry perfectly with a beach house.

The improvements are worth taking a loan. Besides creating a lasting first impression, curb appeal improvements significantly impact your home’s value. According to the National Association of Realtors, landscaping has a return on the value of up to 265%.

6. Fence Installation Services

A well-crafted fence will add charm and character to your home. However, your fence must sync up seamlessly with your home. So, with plenty of fencing options, how do you establish the perfect fit for your home? Find a residential fence installation company for ideas and quotations. However, don’t worry a bit about the bill. You can always apply for a landscaping loan for fence installation services.

If you fancy wooden fences, go for a classic white picket fence. Typically, a fence averages between 2 – 4 feet high. Consider a lattice fence beautifully crafted with sturdy cedar lattice and chunky posts for that extra pop curb appeal. Remember, wood will require regular maintenance, especially if painted, to prevent stains. The good news is that you can paint wood fences with your preferred color to match your house.

With financing, you have some funds to make a statement. Go a notch with Stone fences to add a natural and rustic look to your landscape. The sturdy construction is permanent. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting wall, you can never go wrong when built with stone.

landscaping loan

7. Water Feature Installation

Now, here is a landscape project that imbues serenity – a water feature installation. Picture a waterfall backdrop. magnificent, right?

Outdoor water features installation prices vary. Some, as simple as waterfalls flowing into a pond, are affordable, while some you dig deeper into your pocket. For instance, according to the Washington Post, a standard backyard water park will cost you a whopping $150,000! Don’t give up if the figure sounds too much to handle such installations. You can now apply for a landscaping loan to help finance allowable water features in your backyard.

If you’re considering water feature installation for your home, it must be the correct scale for your space. For example, a small pond will work well on a 2-acre area. However, it will dominate a postcard-size space. Also, to focus on your yard’s aesthetic, you should blend your water feature with nature, ideally using stone or bamboo fountains. In contrast, you can settle on fiberglass, copper, ceramic, or concrete. Either way, ensure the design suits your style.

It’s equally important to consider the organization of your outdoor setting to choose the perfect location for your water feature. For instance, if you’d fancy hearing the sound of trickling water from your home, consider installing the water feature next to your window. Also, avoid installing it near overhanging trees and shrubs to prevent leaves from clogging the drain.

8. Clearing Out Overgrown Plants

Did you know that dense vegetation in your backyard is potentially a fire hazard? The fallen and dried branches and leaves are stimulants of an accidental fire that may break in your yard. They can easily cause the fire to spread quickly, especially in the summer. Also, in a severe storm, the overhanging tree branches can fall, damaging your house or seriously injuring your loved ones.

A yard with overgrown plants isn’t a pretty sight either. You don’t have to worry about the overwhelming problem of clearing overgrown plants and disposing. A yard waste dumpster rentals relieve you of the huge task of tidying up your space.

Clearing out overgrown vegetation boosts plant growth. Sounds contradictory, right? It shouldn’t. Plants compete for resources like sunlight, water, and nutrients when your yard is overcrowded. As a result, they won’t grow healthy.

Clearing out overgrown, diseased, or dead vegetation reduces competition for resources, giving the plants better chances for survival. Remember, you don’t need just plants in your yard. They must be healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

9. Regular Lawn Care Services

Let’s face it. Your yard relies on a regular lawn care service schedule to maintain its color, thickness, and general health benefits. Also, lawn maintenance helps keep your plants green and healthy, ensuring your home doesn’t lose its curb appeal.

Every season, lawn diseases, such as brown patch disease, pose a severe threat to the stability and health of your lawn. Different diseases are prevalent in particular geographical locations and seasons. For instance, brown patch disease thrives in warmer temperatures, while dollar spot thrives in cooler and moderate temperatures. Regular lawn maintenance prevents such problems before they start.

A healthy lawn also acts as a natural air filter, filtering a significant amount of dirt and dust, ensuring everyone will breathe fresh air. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, a healthy lawn filters water, stores excess nutrients, and protects the waterways. For this reason, maintaining and caring for your lawn makes you an environmental champion.

10. Essential Tree Services

Trees also play a crucial part in enhancing your curb appeal. However, you must hire a tree company for regular essential tree services to keep them in good health. Typically, an arborist will assess the condition of trees professionally and provide care recommendations such as fertilization, mulching, and pruning. As a result, your trees will withstand pests, diseases, and severe weather elements.

Healthy trees also significantly improve your privacy by obscuring the view of your property from the street. Also, dense trees create a natural barrier against intruders and elements like wind. You need to take proper care of your trees for them to care back for you.

No funds to finance your next landscaping project? No problem. You can access a landscaping loan to complete the landscaping transformation, including erecting water features and fence installation. You no longer have to worry about your finances to revamp your yard. Sit back and wait for returns on investment.

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