4 Money Saving Tips for Every Craft Beer Lover

Four glassed of beer on wooden backgroundIf you’ve been to a bar or pub in the last few years, you know how popular craft beer is becoming. No longer are beer drinkers pining after mass brewed beer sold in cans at the grocery store. The craft beer market in the United States is worth about $23.5 billion, and it’s no wonder. Craft beer can be a little pricier than traditional brews, but that’s no reason to deprive yourself. Here are four great tips for saving money on craft beer that will have you hopping for joy.

Brew your own

Home brewing is the perfect activity for anyone who loves craft beers. You get to enjoy the experience, and imagine drinking a beer that you actually brewed yourself. While the initial investment may be a little higher for all the equipment, you save yourself a lot of money in the long run if you drink a lot of beer. One batch can get you about two cases, or eight six-packs.

Buy your beer in bulk

Just as it is with anything, buying in bulk will save you some money. You can go to the store and buy cases of your favorite craft beer, or you can buy yourself a growler. A growler is a container that’s normally around 60 ounces, and it stores your beer at the perfect temperature. It allows for transportation without compromising the integrity of the brew. Many breweries offer reduced prices when you fill up your growler to buy in bulk.

Shop around

As you should with anything, you should shop around before you buy your craft beer. Costs will vary between stores, and a little bit of searching can save you some serious bucks. If you drink a lot of craft beer, you know how much a few dollars a case can save you every time you buy one.

Drink at home

Going to a bar or pub to drink craft beer can add up very quickly. The cost of roughly two beers at a bar can cost almost the same amount as a six pack from the store. Throw a party at your house instead of heading to the pub every weekend, take turns buying six packs, and enjoy the extra money in your wallet.

Just because you like the finer things in life does not mean you have to spend money like you’re rich. Try these money saving tips on your favorite craft brews and drink up!

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