One-Third Of Companies Use On-Site Healthcare, Survey Says

Medical concept with stethoscope on keyboard

Medical concept with stethoscope on keyboard

A growing number of companies are introducing on-site healthcare for employees in the workplace. According to a recent survey by the National Association of Worksite Health Centers, up to a third of today’s companies offer their employees some form of on-site healthcare service.

“Having an onsite clinic really gives [workers] a great opportunity to quickly get to the service they need or pick up the [medication] … and then get back to work,” said Larry Boress, the executive director of the NAWHC.

“It also helps for the employer because then people are not away from the work site,” Boress said.

The medical services these companies provide range from on-call doctors to video calls to single room visits where employees may have their vitals checked. Treatments vary depending on the requests of the employees and the employer who chooses to provide them.

PGandE Corporation, a natural gas company, is just one company that provides on-site healthcare services to its workers.

Juanita Luna, an employee of PGandE, checked in with the company’s on-site healthcare center the day after hurting her shoulder. The on-site healthcare center, Luna said, kept her from missing half a day of work to see her primary care doctor.

“We don’t want them spending time traveling or waiting for healthcare,” said PGandE spokesperson Angela Lombardi to Wink News. “We want them to get the right healthcare at the right time.”

On-site healthcare facilities are enormously convenient for workers who may not able to see their primary care physician at a moment’s notice. What’s more, workplaces that use on-site clinics are able to stay productive and not fall needlessly behind.

It’s this sense of convenient healthcare service that Eden Health is taking advantage of.

Eden Health is a startup business that offers employers a personalized healthcare platform. According to AlleyWatch, the platform would provide employers with 24/7 digital care, guidance, referrals, and in-person care. Eden Health also assists employees with making health insurance decisions such as plan selection and billing.

Companies in NYC such as NewsCred, Tapad, and Yext are already using Eden Health to improve the quality of healthcare for their employees while also saving money through personalization.

On-site healthcare facilities are becoming more common at a time when healthcare is a major concern for 55% of Americans.

Those who may be suffering from cold symptoms, which can last between 48 hours to 14 days, can visit their on-site clinic rather than suffering through their illness.

Similarly, those who may have been in a minor car accident on the way to work (up to 6 million car accidents occur in the U.S. every year) could visit their employer’s on-site clinic to ensure they haven’t been injured rather than taking off a day of work.

Even the physical therapy services offered by on-site clinics such as those at PGandE could save employees up to 72% on first-year medical treatment costs for any injuries.

“People have less out-of-pocket costs because the clinic itself doesn’t have to generate revenue,” said Boress. “It’s there solely to help people get healthy. To improve the access [to] services and keep people productive.”

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