7 Budgeting Tips for Your Backyard

Each homeowner desires a tranquil outdoor space where they can relax and be at peace. Creating an outdoor space does not have to be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be boring either. Fortunately, there are a few inexpensive design tricks that you can use to upgrade the appearance of your backyard space. The trick to achieving the outdoor space of your dreams without breaking the bank is to use what you have and re-invent it. Keep reading to find out how to improve your backyard on a budget.

What to Consider When Budgeting for Your Backyard


Before undertaking any project, you need to have a clear plan of what you want. Outline your ideas and write them down. This will help you plan your finances and source items within your budget.


Price is a touchy subject when looking for ways on how to improve your backyard on a budget. Although you will spend a small amount purchasing a few items, you need to keep the costs at a minimum. Draw up a budget and focus on the major areas that need improvement. Outline things that you can do yourself and things that will require professional help. Ensure that you explore all options at your disposal to avoid broadening your already tiny budget.


Although your backyard is already in your compound, consider locating it in a central place where it will be close to basic amenities. You want to position it where you will need to do minimal repairs, and water and electricity connections won’t be cumbersome. Rethink where you want to place the entrance. Do you want to create a separate entrance from the main gate or maintain the common one? Such issues can help one save on costs and still end up with an enhanced backyard on a budget.

Sitting area

Your guests will require a comfortable place to sit and hang out anytime they visit you. Patios are a great way to enhance the appearance while maintaining the functionality of the sitting area. You will spend a lot of time sitting, especially when holding parties so make sure to invest in good comfortable seats. You can create your own patio by using broken furniture or old chairs and paint them. As your backyard will be in the outdoor space, you need to consider weather-proof furniture to avoid damage from extreme heat or heavy rainfall and minimize repairs and replacements. You can install seamless gutters for the rainy season as they come with all the budget-friendly features you may need to protect your furniture.


The surroundings while you are in your backyard need to be desirable. Unfinished fences and withered trees are not a great sight. Investing in plants and shrubs will beautify the space and keep your garden fresh. If you don’t know how to take care of your plants and shrubs, you can consult local shrub care companies to assist you in their maintenance or tips on how to keep them fresh. Lawn weeds can create an unsightly impression on your guests and cause damage to your garden. If you prefer grass in your garden, keep it short by hiring lawn care services or residential mowing services to save on the costs of purchasing a lawn mower. It is a win-win situation for you as you get to keep weeds out of your garden and save costs of purchasing expensive machinery.


Hanging out in your backyard should make you feel safe. However, investing in motion sensors, security lights, and security cameras can be expensive. One way on how to improve your backyard on a budget is to put up signs and fake cameras. Any burglar will think twice before invading your home in the presence of cameras. You, therefore, get to save on expensive security systems and keep your backyard secure.

Budgeting Tips for Your Backyard

With the major areas of focus taken care of, you can go ahead and use these tips we have compiled on how to improve your backyard on a budget.

Incorporate Outdoor Lighting

You are creating an outdoor space that you would like to spend a considerable amount of time in. Good lighting can improve any outdoor space immensely as it creates the perfect ambiance. You need to come up with ways to bring in light so you can also spend the evening in the backyard. Unfortunately, hiring an electrician to add outdoor lighting can be expensive in addition to the recurring monthly bills. One way on how to improve your backyard on a budget is by introducing solar lighting. Solar lighting is a good option if your budget is a little tight. You can add candles for special occasions and twinkle lights along the fence and trees for decoration and create exciting shadows for more lighting options.

Spruce up Your Furniture

The rules for outdoor furniture do not have to follow a strict color sequence or be of the same material. Usually, single furniture pieces will cost less, and each will be unique in its own right. Explore options by finding unique pieces and creating a diverse set that will all flow together and become your own style. One way on how to improve your backyard on a budget is to create furniture that serves more than one purpose. For instance, if you are using outdoor benches, you can create one that also doubles up as a storage space to store extra pillows, gardening tools, or even outdoor cutlery.

DIY Projects

One of the most common ways on how to improve your backyard on a budget is through DIYs. You will need to learn some skills over the internet to cut down some costs. Let your creativity do the work, and you will be surprised just how far you can go. Some of the DIY projects you can engage in include:

DIY planters and pots – you can collect seeds from your favorite fruits to create planters and use old tins as pots. You can learn from the internet how to paint the pots and match your chosen color scheme in the garden.

DIY Deck – You can also get creative and do your own deck installation. Deck contractors can be expensive, and with a limited budget, you need to find ways to improvise and still end up with an enhanced backyard. You can upcycle an old dresser or your child’s outgrown cot for a rustic accent in your outdoor space.

DIY sprinkler – property maintenance, especially for a garden, can be quite costly. As if that’s not enough, professional sprinkler systems can cause additional budget constraints. Worse still, if a sprinkler system gets damaged, a sprinkler repair could cause a dent in your pocket. If you want to know how to improve your backyard on a budget, DIY sprinkler ideas are in plenty, and you can find one that works for your garden. One of the most cost-effective DIY sprinkler ideas includes recycling old plastic bottles and making holes using ballpoint pens to get even coverage.

DIY candle holders – old beer bottles can be used as candle holders. You can choose to craft them to your desired shape or paint them in your chosen colors to make them stand out.

Create Your Artwork

All the things that inspire you can finally get a platform to be showcased. You can create a huge chalkboard as a backdrop and create some art. Your friends can also join in the party and do some of their own art to make it more interesting. This is a good idea as you can regularly switch up the art if you quickly get bored since the artwork can be washed away by rain, or you can do it yourself with a hosepipe

Repurpose Old Items

Your house will definitely have old items you are no longer using or toys your children have outgrown. Make use of these items by repurposing them into functional items in your backyard. Broken chandeliers can make incredible outdoor decorations. An old barrel can make extra seating, and a ladder can be used as a flower stand or a bookshelf.

Plant trees and fast blooming plants

If you’re into greenery and plants, consider planting them yourself. Buying mature trees and plants can be quite expensive but buying seeds is cheaper. You can ask your local florist to advise you on the type of plants recommended for outdoor spaces and those that require little maintenance if you desire to keep the costs low. The trees and plants can also save you costs of investing in a fence if you require privacy. Within no time, the planted seeds will flourish into trees and shrubs to secure your privacy.

Small Changes Make Big Differences

Landscaping and outdoor projects can run your budget up to thousands. Although big projects can make a grand impression, small projects have their place in outdoor spaces and make a huge difference. Do not rule out the possibility of upgrading your backyard because large projects are costly. You can find creative ways to incorporate items into your space. Some of the small changes that make big differences include:

Landscaping – if grass maintenance is too cumbersome, you can opt to use decorative stones as your entryway. Stones are a great way to save on costs while still making an appealing impression. Decorative stones can be found in construction sites and are quite affordable. Moreover, they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, leaving you spoilt for choice.

Small waterfall – A waterfall might seem like an expensive venture, especially in a budget backyard. Still, with a focal point, you can set up a water fountain that adds interest and provides tranquility to your guests

Where to Get Backyard Items on a Budget

You might be wondering where you will purchase the items you need to enhance your outdoor space. Worry not; we have compiled a list of places where you can find affordable deals in your journey on how to improve your backyard on a budget.

Online purchases – You can purchase a lot of items for your outdoor space online to cut down on costs. Online shops have more variety and are cheaper due to the low overhead costs.

Garage sales – you will find your neighborhood holds garage sales at different times of the year. You can take advantage of the sales and purchase inexpensive items for your backyard.

House clearance sales – another way on how to improve your backyard on a budget is to be on the lookout for house clearance sales. Expats moving away usually have items of good quality, variety, and affordable prices. You can get lucky and scoop up some items for your backyard

Local vintage stores – local stores usually stock up on unique antique pieces that can give your backyard the much-needed upgrade. The items are usually of excellent quality and at affordable prices.

Swap stores – another exciting place where you can purchase items to upgrade your backyard is swap stores. These stores specialize in the swapping of items at no extra cost. You can swap items you no longer use or those you have outgrown. The best thing about this method is that you do not incur any charges but acquire items you need.

Upgrading your backyard can be an inexpensive and thrilling experience for you. The tips shared above prove that you don’t have to break the bank to get the ultimate retreat in your outdoor space. With a few design tips and DIY projects, you are bound to turn your outdoor space from basic to beautiful in a few simple steps. You’ll be surprised just how far a little can go a long way with research, creativity, and planning.

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