A Beginners Guide to Designing a Home Fire Route

In schools and in workplaces alike, people are typically made aware that there is a designated fire route, should something go awry. If you aren’t told specifically about it, there are usually signs outlining the best route to take. That being said, many homeowners aren’t aware of the best action to take should a fire start in their own home. Here are a few tips for creating a home fire route.

When you are made aware of the fire, either by your alarm or your fire sprinkler system, you have to act quickly. Preparation will be key. Consider drawing a map of your home. Mark two exits from each room — these will generally be a window and a door. Use arrows to signify what path to take from each room.

Don’t forget to mark where each of your smoke alarms are located within your house. Next, designate a meeting place outside where everyone inside the home will meet up. That way, it is easy to take stock of who has made it safely out of the home. Add 911, or any other emergency numbers, to your route sheet.

Practicing your escape route a few times a year will instill the routes in your mind — making it second nature when there is an actual danger present.

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