Adding a Cell Tower Lease to Your Property How Its Done

Did you know that it is possible to look at adding a cell tower lease to your property? This could help you to get some of the best cell phone coverage in the entire area. On top of that, there are situations when the cell phone companies may pay you money to put a cell phone tower on your property. It is not all that common for the company to reach out and offer to pay you to use your property for their towers, but it is not entirely impossible either.

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If you want to get in touch with a cell phone company about the possibility of getting a cell phone tower on your property, you should seek out the requirements laid out by the cell phone companies themselves. There are certain restrictions such as that your property should be no further than 100 to 500 feet from a public street. These are requirements because the companies need to set up a tower in an area where it will be useful to many people. If you are too far from the street, it will be too challenging for them to set up the tower.

Look into these stipulations and choose for yourself what you want to make sure you are doing. After all, you need to be certain that you end up with the cell phone tower that you want on your property now.


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