Check Out This Humongous Music Store!

The biggest music store in the entire world, Thomann, is so crazy. With headquarters featuring amazing art and sculpture, and retail space including every kind of musical instrument imaginable, you can get a photo with your new equipment in the complimentary photo booth in the lobby.

Thomann carries a dizzying array of keyboards and pianos by some of the most respected companies in the world like Steinway, Sauter, and Yamaha, headphones for every head you can imagine, woodwinds and saxophones, guitars by global brands like Fender and Gibson as well as lesser-exposed brands, and even less-popular instruments like accordions and theremins. Unlike shops like Guitar Center in the US or even specialties like Anderton’s in the UK, Thomann carries every kind of instrument, and by every kind, we mean every kind.

Video Source

Elise Ecklund gives a general overview of every type of musical instrument found at Thomann, including a wide array of orchestral percussion instruments.

Thomann, to conclude, is the largest music store in the world, specializing in instrument sales of all types. Elise saves guitars for the end of the video, demoing some sick acoustic instruments by Taylor, and finishes by playing in a special VIP custom guitar room.


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