Dentists Across the Country Hold Events to Offer Free Treatments to Patients

Dental treatmentThe cost of dental care has skyrocketed in recent years. To counteract the surge in prices, many dentists across the country are making efforts to provide either low-cost or completely free dental treatment to their patients.
From New Jersey to Washington, several dentists plan to make comprehensive dental care more accessible to their local population. A common trend is to hold a “Free Dental Day” to give back to the community and to help those who simply cannot afford it.
An article from The News Tribune tells of Dr. Steven Broughton and his staff at Light Dental Studio in Puyallup, WA. Dr. Broughton feels that it is his duty to give back in addition to being a dentist.
At his office, Free Dental Day is scheduled for Jan. 30 when he and 13 other dentists will provide free treatments. The appointments will run on a first-come, first-serve basis.
“Our doctors will see an estimated 225 people amongst 14 doctors,” Broughton said. “We will give away what we estimate to be about $100,000 in dentistry.”
According to the article, patients age 14 and older will get one free filling or extraction. Those 14 and younger will receive a free fluoride varnish. He went on to explain, “We will fix one tooth, however, we will tell them if we see more that need work, and give them a discount.”
This is great news for the patients who have long wanted dental care but may not have had the financial means to receive it. A full 32% of patients are concerned about the look of their teeth, but few can afford expensive dental repairs.
Across the country in New Jersey, reports that the Metropolitan Family Health Network will provide free dental exams, oral healthcare instruction, fluoride treatment, and hygiene materials to children on a first-come, first-served basis as a part of the “Give Kids a Smile” program. The program, like the one in Washington, is designed to help families who cannot afford necessary dental treatments.
Following suit in Ohio, the Dental Hygiene Clinic at the University of Cincinnati Blue Ash will provide free dental care to the public during a special event. Six local dentists and several other dental professionals are donating their time to help with the efforts.
“There is such a need for access to quality dental care across the nation, and it’s no different in Greater Cincinnati,” says Cady Short-Thompson, dean of UC Blue Ash College. “We are hosting this event to help make a difference, to help some of the most under served portions of our population receive the care they need.”

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