Exterminator Service Rids House of Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs can cause nasty infestations that feed on human blood and cause a host of negative symptoms for the victim of their infestation. This video shows how exterminator services eliminate bed bugs from a residence.

The exterminator first inspects the room to find where the bed bugs are hiding. Bed bugs make their homes in dark areas of the room, such as behind dressers, as well as on the bed itself.

Bed bugs are attracted out of their hiding places when they detect a person’s heat and the carbon dioxide they breathe out while sleeping. This is when they come out and feed. Bed bugs feed on humans and other animals, such as cats and dogs.

Bed bugs are very small, and when they aren’t filled with blood they’re opaque. This makes them very difficult to find. The exterminator finds and rounds up as many as he can. He puts them into plastic bottles to incinerate later.

After removing as many as he can from the bed and corners of the room. He then makes use of insecticide to eliminate the remaining infestation.

To learn more about how exterminators deal with bed bugs, click on the link above.

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