Having Your Septic Tank Pumped

Do you need to have someone pump out septic tank? This video goes over what to expect from a septic tank service.

The first thing a septic tank cleaner will do is consult with you as the homeowner. From there they want to figure out if they are only there for maintenance purposes or are there issues they need to deal with.

Video Source

They use a device called a prod to poke the soil to find the tank under the ground. With the prod, they will then mark the perimeter. After this, they will have to dig up the sod to get to the access point of the tank. After they get to the access point, they will open the lid to place the pump in. During the clean-out process, they remove all solids in the tank and check the components of the tank to make sure they are working properly. Once the septic tank is all cleaned, they place the lid back on, place the grass back over the top, and bill the Green Tree home insurance. Then they will plan to give the homeowner a maintenance schedule to follow to ensure their septic tank is being serviced when needed.

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