Heres Why You Should Only Hire HVAC Professionals

“Working with HVAC Professionals You Can Trust,” by Designing Spaces, profiles Shumate Heating and Air, a Georgia-based home maintenance and repair provider. The primary spokesperson is the firm’s president, Sandy Shumate, whose father started the business. In addition to Sandy’s sisters working in the business, a third generation of the family is now involved. There are also many family connections among the firm’s employees.

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Beginning as HVAC professionals, they have expanded into plumbing, electrical, and handyman services (from drywall to doorknobs to decks and railings) to provide homeowners with a full range of services. Since HVAC work operates 24/7, they apply the same standard to their other service offerings.

Sandy points to the value of regularly maintaining your HVAC system in Georgia’s high heat and humidity. Maintaining your equipment and addressing problems early on validates the manufacturer’s warranty, extends the system life, and keeps your equipment operating at peak performance so you achieve the highest possible efficiency and save money.

Shumate Heating and Air wants to be the first person you call whenever you encounter a problem with your home’s major and minor systems. Remember to always work with a team of professionals. This ensures that your system is running efficiently.

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