How a Coin Dealer Makes Money

From time to time, everybody needs some extra cash. Whether it be freelancing on the side, or selling old collectibles, there are interesting ways to make money. Working as a coin dealer is an interesting side hustle.
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com’>Coin dealers act as pawn shops in a way. They buy coins from customers who believe there is some value in them. So many different factors go into the pricing of coins. Continue to watch the video to learn more.

Different materials of coins have different values, such as silver and gold. Age is a large factor as well. There are catalogs that provide detailed information on the type, substance, and age of coins you can sell. eBay is another great resource to check how much certain coins are selling for. There are plenty of coin grading services online that can be consulted. There are definitely fakes on the market, so be sure to do the proper research before buying.

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