How Direct to Film Printers Can Help You Grow Your Business

Direct to film printers have come a long way. If your printing business is growing and is looking to maximize every opportunity you can offer to your clients and customers, a direct-to-film print might be your best investment, or is it? Here are some reasons to know if direct to film printers are for your business.

Advantages of Direct to Film Printers:


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Good Quality – there’s no denying the quality of this type of printer. The quality stays the same whether it’s a transfer or double printing. That’s one of the reasons why printing business owners have come to like this printer.

2. Accessible – certain types of printers are convertible to DTF printers. As a result, you don’t have to buy a new one. Instead, you’ll have to convert your existing printer to a DTF one. It will save you lots of money; the other piece you need is the heat press, and you’re ready to start your business.

Disadvantages of Direct to Film Printers:

1. If you compare DTF printers to DTG printers, the feel is more soft and plush when it comes to DTG printers. They feel better compared to laser-heat transfers. Most customers prefer this type of printing because it’s relatively cheap, but the quality is great and provides comfort. Also, you can use DTF inks for your DTG printer, which saves you money too.


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