How Much Does Micro Needling Cost and Is it Worth it?

Every day new health trends emerge. While they each come with their advantages and disadvantages, some health trends are far less beneficial than the general public may believe. Micro needling is one recent health trend, but is it worth the time and money investment? See the video below for information on the costs, results, and more.

Micro needling is a treatment that attempts to reduce thinning hair, alopecia, and hereditary hair loss.

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This treatment causes small micro injuries in the middle layer of your skin to allow the skin to develop more collagen and hair fibers as it heals. Studies have shown that micro needling also has other benefits, including increasing the absorption of hair growth products into the scalp directly.

Starting off with the costs, micro needling services can range from $150-$700 per session. The session becomes more expensive the larger the treatment area is. If you are not comfortable with the costs and time commitments, a derma roller is a popular alternative. This allows you to give yourself a micro needling session of sorts at home, but due to the lower quality of the materials and the lack of expertise that a professional brings, it could far less effective.


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