How Residential Roofing Companies Can Achieve Financial Success

Glenn Fidell demonstrated that hard work and determination pay off in America. This video shows that he started his own residential roofing companies at 23. He turned the venture into a multi-million dollar business with over 70 employees. Talk about climbing the ladder of success.

Video Source

Fancy degrees are fine, but achieving goals with the drive to learn and the passion to succeed is still possible.

Getting It Right

By holding his employees accountable and incentivizing them to do their best work, Glenn pushes boundaries. And it’s paying off big time – his company has a profit margin of 10%, while the industry average is only 6-8%. What’s more, his profits are stable. Although roofing work is brutal, Fidell doesn’t mind. There’s no denying that he found a way to make it work.

Important Points

So, what can viewers learn from Fidell? For employees to do their best work, there’s a big need to hold them to a high standard. And incentives go a long way. Employees get motivated by rewards, so giving them something to work towards is wise. Doing so makes it easier to become the next Fidell, even if it has nothing to do with residential roofing companies.

But here’s the thing, Fidell didn’t come from a wealthy family. Nope, he was the oldest of 10 kids in a low-income household. But he had a straight hustler mentality from a young age.


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