Is Robotic Hair Replacement the Way of the Future?

Given the prevalence of hair loss among men and women, it’s hardly surprising that we’re thinking about the future of hair replacement. Many suggest that robotic hair restoration is the most cutting-edge technology for surgical hair regrowth. However, some people believe that the current technology is far from ideal.

This hair replacement treatment involves extracting follicular unit grafts from the patient’s donor site using physician-guided robotic equipment. The automated equipment may transplant the grafts into the recipient areas in specific circumstances.

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A fantastic place to start when assessing whether a technique has the potential to shape the future of a sector is patient candidacy.

So, are all people eligible for robotic hair transplants? Unfortunately, no, and there is still much work to be done before the technique can be seriously considered the future of hair restoration. Currently, only people with black, straight hair are suitable candidates for robotic hair transplants. You’re also ineligible if you have a subpar donor site or if your hair loss is related to stress, medicine, or another treatable condition. Thus, only a tiny portion of those with hair loss can use this technique. Not a good beginning when discussing the future of an industry.


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