Kmart’s Home Good Hacks Make the Chain a Go-To for DIY Designers

rendering of a modern living room with open kitchen

In the past, taking on do-it-yourself (DIY), budget-friendly interior design was a difficult task, relegated to savvy reality television hopefuls and individuals who enjoyed finding themselves elbows-deep in the clearance section of home decorating outlets.
But now, thanks to Kmart, everyone can incorporate the latest interior design trends without breaking bank.
In recent social media posts, DIY designers are taking to Instagram and Twitter to flaunt their well-curated and smartly decorated living spaces. The catch? The designs were completed using almost exclusively Kmart home-ware items.
In fact, these interior images even have their own trending hashtag across Instagram and beyond, called ‘Kmart Hacks’.
The social media boom began in early February, when Australian designer Daneve Frankish started an Instagram, displaying her Kmart ‘design hacks’. The designs not only proved to be extremely current and tasteful, but they were also extremely affordable, thanks to Kmart.
According to Realty Today, Kmart’s home goods selection boasts affordable, up-to-date styles at extremely low prices.
In fact, many of the items available for purchase are comparable to big ticket items at pricier home good stores.
“People love comparing $220 items with the $20 alternatives they bought at Kmart,” Frankish said in an interview with theĀ Daily Mail.
And let’s be real – -why would anyone pay hundreds instead of a single $20 bill?
Currently, the store is showcasing ‘fiesta feel’ home-ware, with eye-catching, summery colors. But now, they’re preparing to launch their fall line.
In addition to trendier items, the Kmart site offers classic home accessories that lend to a more timeless feel.
While you won’t find authentic Persian rugs that are exclusively handwoven in Asia, you will find items like vintage globes for only $8 that will give any home office or living space a sophisticated and old-world feel.
Kmart’s new line provides an opportunity for lower-middle class shoppers to curate their own personal design experience within their living spaces.

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