Lockport Loves story of commitment

One of the most important keys to a functioning society is people looking out for their fellow citizens. Not everyone is dealt the same hand in life. It is important that we try to take care of those of us who have been going through a rough patch. The city of Lockport, IN has made a committed effort to help out its citizens. The Lockport Love program has been making great strides to help out those who are in need. This program can help provide financial assistance for home repairs, medical bills, and other expenses for those citizens who need the help.

History of Lockport Love

Lockport Love was the brainchild of Lockport police chief Terry Lemming. He joined the police department in 2014 and soon began the necessary steps to create this initiative. He wanted a way to help the community, particularly those with the most need. many families where struggle and lived their lives constantly behind the eight balls. Things needed to change. It was important that people could get involved and not just sit idly by while others suffered.

Lockport Love relies on the community. It is not taxpayer-funded and relies completely on private donations from the citizens. Many of these donations come from local small businesses such as Gilkerson’s Masonry and Embers Tap House. Working together with the community is at the core of Lockport Love’s mission. The holiday season is the main part of their mission, but they continue to help these families throughout the entire year. The organization will help between eight and fifteen families during the holiday season. More than 70% of Americans do not have even $1,000 stored away for their expenses. This heightens the need for organizations such as Lockport Love. This organization can be a lifesaver for those families that need financial assistance for home repairs, auto body repairs, and other expenses.


In addition to the donations, Lockport Love holds several fundraising events throughout the year to help its mission. Some of the most popular events were a golf tournament, chili cook-off, and a candlelight bowling tournament. These events ran smoothly until COVID-19 hit. Much like so many other planned activities, the pandemic caused them to be uprooted. The coronavirus has put life on pause for almost everyone around. Unfortunately, families still continue to struggle. In fact, the pandemic has heightened the struggles of those less fortunate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a disheartening experience for everyone, but especially those who are downtrodden. Lockport Love is still looking to provide financial assistance for home repairs and other needs for these families. Without their reliable fundraising events, they have been forced to adapt to the situation. Fundraising, while still being safe, is a tricky, but not insurmountable, task. The need for more donations is of the greatest importance.

Lockport Love makes sure that everything is on the up and up. Unfortunately, many charities are ripe for corruption and do not serve the purpose that they intend to. Lockport Love makes sure that there is accountability and transparency in distributing funds. They rely on nominations to find families in need. These nominations most often come from teachers, social workers, and religious leaders, among others. These nominations are done with sensitivity and are anonymous. Some families may be reluctant to receive financial assistance for home repairs if their name might be released. Lockport Love makes sure that these families are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Types of services offered

One of the strongest parts of Lockport Love is the variety of services offered to families. Life often wallops us with a whole host of obstacles. Some families may have medical expenses that they are struggling with. Others may have a home in near disarray and need financial assistance for home repairs. Some families might face transportation issues due to vehicle repairs. Getting ahead and keeping your head above water can be a constant struggle when dealing with these concerns. Fortunately for many families, Lockport Love can be just what they need in these trying times.

When people are down on their luck, they are constantly looking for a way to get out of this proverbial hole they find themselves in. Financial stability is often a dream that families hope to achieve. One of the keys to achieving financial stability is finding a well-paid job. Many aspire to find a fulfilling career with benefits. For some, this can be rather difficult. One of the largest barriers to a career is finding transportation. If someone is without a vehicle, there are some solutions. Public transit and carpooling are among the most popular. However, that may not be a completely reliable method. They may not be able to find a ride for every shift. Depending on the location, they may need to take several buses and add many hours to their day. Having your own vehicle is often the best option for anyone. Unfortunately, vehicles often need repairs. They will need to find an automotive repair service to take care of their needs. This, however, can create a financial burden on them.

When someone who is struggling financially finds their car out of commission, they are presented with a tricky situation. Struggling to find transportation to their job can result in the said job being put in jeopardy. They will want to get their car repaired as soon as possible. If they struggle to pay for car repairs now, it will be even more of an obstacle if they lose their job. This can be the ultimate catch-22 case. Lockport Love can help people trapped in these unfortunate circumstances. They will work the various auto mechanic shops in the area to service these citizens. This remains one of the most important services for people in need of help. In addition to financial assistance for home repairs, help with automotive repairs remain a strong effort for Lockwood Love.


When families need financial assistance for home repairs, the roof is often an item most in need. The roof is critical to comfortable living in your home. A leaky roof presents a plethora of problems for any home.

A roof in poor condition will allow rainwater to seep into the home. Moisture will eventually lead to the development of mold and mildew in the house. If someone has respiratory problems, such as asthma, mold and mildew can have dangerous consequences. Adding medical issues on top of home repairs can be devastating for a financially struggling family. Through Lockwood Love, these families can find some affordable roofing services to help with these much-needed repairs. Receiving financial assistance for home repairs will help alleviate many of these stressful concerns.


Another common aspect of a functioning home is proper plumbing. We use the plumbing system in our homes every day. How would we wash ourselves, clean dishes, and clothes without adequate plumbing? Since this is so vitally important, any malfunction in the plumbing system can cause a great strain on a family. It is imperative that these issues get rectified swiftly and efficiently.

Families in need of plumbing services can turn to Lockport Love in their time of need. They will help provide financial assistance for home repairs regarding their plumbing issues. Although this assistance can be of great help for these families, there are tips and tricks that they can implement to help matters.

The bigger the repair job, the price of it will be much more expensive. It will also be much more time-consuming. This can place a lot of undue stress on these families. You can help reduce this stress by performing frequent system checks. Plumbing issues can snowball into something worse when they are left ignored. If they are caught early on, the issues can be rectified in no time.

Other home repairs

Providing financial assistance for home repairs is one of the core values of the Lockport Love organization. Despite their financial struggles, everyone deserves to live in dignity and have as comfortable a life as possible. In addition to roofing and plumbing, there are a number of home improvement projects that will help people achieve comfortable living.

In the winter, temperatures will drop and your house can feel like an igloo. The reverse happens in the summer and it can feel like we’re walking on the sun. To make these seasons bearable, homes must properly equipped with quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. When one of these systems fails, it can a source of strain on families. Lockport Love will also help provide financial assistance for home repairs regarding HVAC systems.

During the summer we all want a functioning air conditioning unit. A malfunctioning system can make these warm weather months unbearable. The funny thing is that the summer is not the time to worry about whether it will break down. If a system breaks down, Lockport Love will be there to help. Repairs, however, may take time. In the meantime, you will likely struggle to withstand the heat. The best time to take care of any budding issues is before the summer season. The home ac repair issues can be easily rectified before the need starts.

It is important that you perform frequent system checkups. These can help identify those issues before they turn into major concerns. Make sure that filters are cleaned out before use. Dust collects in the filter and that presents a dangerous fire hazard. Another key aspect of your system checkup is to constantly listen. Listen to the air conditioning unit. If the noises emanating from the machine sound wrong, there is likely something amiss with it. These system checkups are relatively simple but will help tremendously in the long run.

Medical expenses

Providing financial assistance for home repairs is a large part of what Lockport Love does. In addition to these services, they are also committed to help people with many of their other struggles. Medical issues often plague lower-income families. Getting these issues taken care of is a literal life and death situation. People cannot take a gamble on their health. Time is also of the essence. It is imperative that medical conditions command the critical respect that they deserve.

Parents are always striving to do anything they can for their children. Whatever their financial situation is, parents are committed to bringing their children up happy and healthy. Dental health is one of the most important aspects of overall health. Parents want their children to have great dental health. Having straight teeth has many health benefits. For many children and adults, this means having braces installed on their teeth. For those financially strapped families, this can be rather difficult. Fortunately, Lockport Love can help them find affordable braces for them.

Parents can peruse the various family orthodontics clinics that will help their children. Among the benefits of straight teeth include gum disease and bacteria prevention. Braces will help straighten teeth and preserve those great smiles.

Eye care is another vital aspect of overall health. It is so important that people are committed to protecting their eyes. Many blind people often wish that they can see. For those of us who can see, it is important that we not take advantage of our eyes. Families enrolled in the program can find an optometry clinic to best suit their eye care needs.

Lockport Love has earned a reputation of being there for those in need. While the holiday season is the busiest time of the year, this organization is committed to helping year-round. People often get hit with an unfortunate situation at the most inconvenient times. Car accidents are one example of this situation. Car repairs as well as the physical recovery represent the aftermath of this situation. Lockport Love will help people navigate this treacherous path.

Since 2014, Lockport Love has been an integral part of this great community. Strong communities are constantly looking out for each other. Some of us have had a string of bad luck. Others are in even more dire situations. Charities such as this organization have a strong track record of helping people at their most vulnerable. Whether it is financial assistance for home repairs or medical issues, the Lockport community is diligent in their commitments.

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