New Acer Smartphone Will Have Big Perks For Gamers

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With the global number of smartphone users growing by 42% annually, it’s no wonder that Acer is trying to stand out with their newest model, the Predator 6 smartphone. According to a recent CNET report, Acer revealed the Predator 6 and its hottest compatible accessory, the Predator Projector, at the International Franchise Association electronics show.

The new smartphone, with a 10-core MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM, and a camera boasting 21 megapixels, targets a very specific market. One of Acer’s executives gave a hint at the company’s recent press conference. “This will dominate any games you throw at it,” he said.

The projector will provide gamers the perfect way to see their new mobile game played out on the wall, for face-to-face combat and multiplayer action. Available sometime in 2016, executives promise that “with just 50 cm of space from a wall, you can [use the machine to] project a 120-inch screen.”

Many other smartphone manufacturers are attempting to capitalize on the gamer market, but they face obstacles when people tend to keep the same device for years without an upgrade. For instance, nearly a billion PCs on the market today, according to Intel, are three or more years old, and half a billion are four to five years old. When it comes to smartphones, the figures are surprisingly similar.

Gamers are a key demographic that manufacturers count on to upgrade their technologies frequently, which has helped Nvidia to keep their sales up, despite an increasingly weak PC market. The graphic chip company has done its best to target gamers with its devices, such as tablets and PC gaming accessories.

At the same conference, ASUS introduced its updated gaming PC, and talked about the possibility of introducing liquid coolant to some of its updated gaming laptops. Previously only available in desktop models, liquid cooling would enable gamers to play for longer with the accelerated graphic benefits, without the risk of a device overheating. Of course, for the best mobile gaming experience, you should look into something like MCPE server hosting.

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