Starting Your Own Jewelry Business

In this video, you will learn about becoming a jeweler. In this case, this man has had an interest in jewelry for many years. Since he was little, he was getting into his mother’s box of jewelry and trying to rearrange things.

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Taking things apart and putting them together is what he has always wanted to do. He went to college for the fine arts. Once he graduated, he decided that he wanted to continue his career in jewelry. At his interview, they asked him to bring some pieces he has created. The jewelry store was fascinated by what they have seen. They hired him as an apprentice. He spent a year doing this and then five to six years doing additional training. His next step was getting his own practice. It was not enough to have his own customers, but he wanted his own place to be able to make and sell jewelry. There are jewelry distracts in most major cities. Howver, not every city has one. There is a lot to know about becoming a jeweler. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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