The Difference Between Medical Billing vs Medical Coding

In this YouTube video, Contempto Coding looks at the differences between medical billing and medical coding. Healthcare billing companies rely on both when processing insurance claims and getting payment on outstanding balances. Medical billing and coding are two separate but necessary components that are part of the medical revenue cycle.

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Medical billing is submitting and following up on health insurance claims, making sure bills get paid, and checking up on the denials. Many times, people working in the revenue cycle will start out working in medical billing. Billers get familiar with timely filing, insurance company policies, and the appeals process.

Medical coding involves translating medical reports into standardized codes. Coding includes translating the diagnosis, services rendered, and other medication provided. Medical coders deal more with medical records, medical documentation, compliance, medical terminology, and anatomy. They read through laboratory notes and medical notes. Sometimes a medical coder will speak to a nurse or doctor for clarification or missing items on the documentation.

Both have a stake in making sure claims are submitted cleanly and correctly. Each type of work is productivity-based. Work might be done in batches, such as medical billers processing denied claims or medical coders churning through a set number of medical records. A medical biller or medical coder can choose to work only in specific medical environments or practice types.

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