Times Square is Illuminated (By the Biggest and Most Expensive Billboard Yet)

bus station at night

There’s one more thing lighting up Times Square these days, and it’s a pretty big deal. Literally. According to the New York Times, this week, the biggest — and priciest — digital billboard in Times Square has been illuminated.

The colossal screen stands at about eight stories high and stretches the full block between 45th and 46th Streets. Lighting the billboard are some 24 million LEDs (light emitting diodes). LEDs are very energy-efficient solid light bulbs which save money and electricity, and the colors of the bulbs in the Times Square billboard are blue, red, and green.

Times Square is known as one of the most popular advertising meccas in the U.S., and about 300,000 tourists and city residents pass through it each day.

“People go to the Grand Canyon to see the most visually stunning natural canyon in the world. They come to Times Square to see the most digitally striking canyon in the world,” said president of the Times Square Alliance Tim Topkins.

Companies that want to advertise on the new billboard are going to have to pay a pretty penny — month-long ad space is going to run about $2.5 million. So what company’s ad is going to grace the billboard first?

Until November 24th the billboard will display art from the Universal Everything studio collective, but then, perhaps unsurprisingly, Google will take over.

“Times Square now has North America’s biggest and most awe-inspiring digital screen, enabling Clear Channel’s marketing partners to stand out in an incredibly significant way in one of the world’s busiest shopping and tourist meccas,” Harry Coghlan, president and general manager of Clear Channel Outdoor New York told Market Watch. “We have great confidence that this spectacular billboard will be the most sought after display in the world for years to come.”

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