Best Ways to Update Your Bathroom and Kitchen on a Budget

budget kitchen and bathroom remodel

Kitchen cabinets can be expensive, but you do not need to break the bank to update your kitchen. There are plenty of inexpensive cabinet updates that will give a new look to a room. If you are looking for budget ways to update your kitchen cabinets, things like painting them a different color or adding new handles that help create a fresh appearance. If you choose dark colors and dramatic hardware, you will have an updated look on a limited budget. Here are the best ways to budget kitchen and bathroom remodel.


Painting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a budget kitchen and bathroom remodel that can create an entirely different look, and it is an easy update to do yourself. You might even consider painting the outside of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets so that paint is one step you do not have to take inside your cabinets. This is especially helpful if you are unsure what color choices will work well with your existing d├ęcor and cabinetry. Experimenting on the front panels first will allow you to pick the color family before committing to finishing or finishing inside as well.

Kitchen cabinet painting looks like an expensive upgrade but is very inexpensive when done yourself. If you are looking for different colors in your home, then paint the kitchen cabinets that color and keep everything else white or neutral. To make it appear like an even more extravagant purchase, paint them dark or bright colors to give them an elegant appearance without completely revamping the room itself.

Painting cabinets help brighten up any room and give it a fresh look without breaking the bank by buying new ones. Before painting, clean down your cabinets with soap and water or paint thinner according to the manufacturer’s instructions on the paint label or engage house painting services so that you do not damage the surface of your cabinets. If you have a lot of natural wood cabinetry, particularly with a strong grain pattern, stain, and a clear topcoat to protect it from damage will help keep them looking their best for years to come.


Rather than replacing all of the cabinets in your kitchen and bathroom, consider refacing them as budget kitchen and bathroom remodel, which means removing parts of your cabinets and replacing them with different materials. This is a cheaper option for updating the look of your kitchen, but you will not have to replace all of your cabinetry which can save you money. Refacing allows you to edit the style while still using the same base units.

Consider refacing them if you are not ready to replace your kitchen or bathroom cabinets but want a fresher look.

Refacing kitchen cabinets means replacing the door fronts and drawers with new ones that fit into the existing framework. Refacing also allows you to change up hardware or other aesthetic items that can be part of the process without doing anything more than removing old doors and drawer fronts and taking measurements.

This option is usually much less expensive than replacing cabinets wholesale because all you need are the new fronts. If you are on a limited budget, this is an option that can be done quickly and efficiently to give your kitchen a complete renovation without actually removing cabinets or removing hardware.

New Cabinet Doors

If you prefer new cabinets, but do not want to spend money refacing them, consider buying new cabinet doors instead. It is best to use an overlay design that covers up existing surfaces because overlay doors fit better than inset doors.

For example, inset doors would require removing parts of your original cabinetry to install them properly. You can buy pre-made overlay drawer fronts or create your own custom overlay drawer fronts for a unique kitchen.

Adding cabinet doors to free-standing or original cabinets can be a great way of budget kitchen and bathroom remodel. If you have open cabinets, this is not an expensive change. You need only buy the door fronts of your choice and attach them to the existing hinges on the cabinetry. This is also a good idea for cabinets made from particleboard or MDF instead of wood, as these surfaces are best painted instead of refinished.

Add Glass

Glass is a great way to update cabinets on budget kitchen and bathroom remodel. You can add glass shelves or replace all of the cabinet doors with glass panels that have clear or frosted finish options like a frameless glass shower door. Glass creates an open, airy feel, and it does not cost as much as other updates because there is not as much labor involved in installing it.

Adding glass cabinet doors can be a fantastic way to give an existing kitchen or bathroom a polished luxury looks without buying new cabinets. Glass is always in fashion and easy on the wallet instead of other materials like marble, which is very expensive. Plumbing fixtures like sinks and bathtubs are often made of glass, so it can be costly to replace them. Kitchen countertops also come in several styles of glass-like laminate countertops.

You can purchase glass fronts for bathroom remodeling companies or order from online retailers specializing in cabinet hardware. Adding glass fronts makes even cheap cabinets feel luxurious because they do not distort what is inside your cabinets and offer a sleek contemporary look to your room.

Swap Out Hardware

If you want an entirely new look, replace your current knobs and pulls with something different from what you had before. This budget kitchen and bathroom remodel will give your kitchen or bathroom a more contemporary look if you choose sleek new hardware. Still, there are also ornate options for a transitional design. Choose new pulls and knobs with a different style than the existing pieces you have. You can also change out drawer pulls for something different. If your current hardware is an ornate style, consider a sleek modern door pull to create a sharp contrast in style.

Knobs and handles are the easiest way to update the look of your kitchen cabinets without spending a lot of time or money on labor-intensive updates like removing paint from surfaces. Plus, they are easy to replace, and most do not require a drill. In addition, knobs come in so many designs that you can find ones that suit any theme or style that you have going with your existing decorating scheme.

You can buy pre-made knobs at home improvement stores or order custom-made cabinet hardware online if you want unique-looking knobs for all of your cabinets. If you want to update the handles and knobs all at once, this is a great way to achieve a significant impact with less effort than other updates.


If you are looking for a budget kitchen and bathroom remodel to give your kitchen a facelift, consider using wallpaper on the backsplash or inside cabinets. It is easy to install or remove, and it does not require any special tools other than water to help apply it. This means that you can take off wallpaper without scraping paint if you do not like it after trying it out for a while.

Placing wallpaper inside cabinets is a unique way to spruce them up without spending too much money. You can find affordable graphic wallpapers at home improvement stores or online retailers specializing in cabinet hardware and picture framing.

Many high-end kitchens are decorated with custom wallpaper inside the cabinets. This method does not take too much time and provides a professional-looking upgrade for kitchen cupboards within an hour or two. It adds color and interest to the space while keeping costs down by updating cheap but nice cabinets on a budget.

Add or Replace Counters

Counters can be made of various materials, so why not consider adding something new if you have an outdated countertop? Granite is a popular option for updating kitchens, thanks to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Marble is another alternative that works very well in modern design spaces since it has clean lines and a bright luster.

You can also use concrete or wood if those options match your overall vision. The best material choice will depend on how much work you want to do. Marble is an expensive material to use, so it may not be the best option for your budget if you plan on doing the installation yourself. On the other hand, replacing existing countertops with new ones is a quick and easy way to refresh your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Kitchen countertops are easy to change out if you do not like the ones you currently have. These updates can be completed in very little time, but they make a huge difference in transforming your kitchen. If you get tired of granite or marble because it is too flashy, consider switching to another material that matches the general design aesthetic for your home.

Change Faucets

Faucet upgrades are also an inexpensive way to update the look of your kitchen and bathroom on a budget without investing too much money into labor-intensive updates that require tools and lots of skills like HVAC maintenance contractors. Faucets come in many designs depending on what style fits best with the existing decorating scheme in your space. Make sure buying new faucets that go with the overall tone is what you want before purchasing all new ones.

A great way to include a personal touch in your kitchen updates is by using different faucets. You can find modern stainless steel or copper-looking regular faucets that suit any theme for your home, even if it is rustic or contemporary.

Many homes have a standard handle design, so changing out these fixtures can make a huge difference in how a space feels when someone opens the cupboards and sees something unique instead of identical-looking handles on each one.


Lighting significantly affects how kitchens look and feel when cooking or eating meals with friends and family members. For budget kitchen and bathroom remodel, consider updating wiring and fixtures to create a better mood. For example, recessed lighting is an easy way to make your kitchen and bathroom more modern. It can be installed quickly, which is one of the easiest updates to tackle on your own with no professional assistance needed.

If you do not like harsh overhead lights that illuminate everything in sight, choose less bright lighting that makes more of an ambient field instead of spreading around light evenly throughout the space. You can use dimmer switches or small lamps strategically placed on end tables or near seating areas that give off softer light than overhead pieces would emit.

Adding different types of track lighting over dining tables or counters is another effective budget kitchen and bathroom remodel. It provides soft illumination creating shadows or dark corners where they can be a nice effect. You can find many types of decorative lamps and lighting that go along with almost any kind of theme because there are so many different styles out there to choose from. No matter what style your kitchen and bathroom are, you should be able to update the space with something fun and exciting that turns it into a showpiece.

To see if these updates seem like they would work in your home, take some time to go through photos online for decorating ideas before buying things to help get an idea of what will suit your tastes best without running out and purchasing everything first. This way, you can plan and create a budget, so you do not spend more than needed on any specific item while making sure all necessary pieces match up well.

One of the essential parts of home design is making sure that you are happy with what you have invested in over time. For some people, this might mean choosing to upholster their couches or buy new armchairs instead of getting rid of them altogether. Other homeowners might decide that they want to remodel their bathrooms or kitchens since these are rooms where changes can make a massive difference to the overall aesthetic of the home; installing new cabinets, tankless water heaters, or changing out countertops can be expensive, though, which is why many people choose budget kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

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